About Thomas

Hi, I am Thomas Mensink, welcome to my blog!

My blog posts are usually inspired by startup news, conversations with investors, reports, current affairs, scientific publications and bold statements that I want to find out more about or just don’t agree with. I often use data and research to support my posts and conclusions. I write this blog on a personal note. Please do leave your comments!

I am very interested in, and working on, these topics:

  • Startup analytics & progress
  • Investor matching
  • Investor readiness & investor development

I am a business analyst at Golden Egg Check We help startups and innovative (tech) companies with market analysis, business modeling and access to capital. Our online toolset helps to assess the potential and investor readiness of business cases. Have a look at our Golden Egg Check blog as well, where I also publish blog posts.

Previously, I was an intern at PGGM Private Equity, a large institutional investor.

I try to get my blogposts across to an as large and relevant audience as possible. Therefore, my preferred distribution strategy is to collaborate with established tech and startup blogs to get my content to the audience. My blogpost have been featured on:

  • Emerce
  • Sprout
  • StartupJuncture
  • Silicon Canals
  • M&A

In addition, I work as content creator with larger organisations in the startup and venture capital ecosystem. I’m not a journalist though. I do my own analysis and writing, but organisations can sponsor my efforts in order to make new content available for the startup ecosystem. Contact me for more info.

Get in touch with me:

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